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"The Heart of Japan IR"

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Integrated Resort (Japan IR) is scheduled to be opened as a result of the IR Implementation Act being established in 2018. In addition to casinos, Integrated Resort is the unification of facilities such as hotels, MICE facilities (international convention centers, international exhibition halls, etc.), shopping malls, and entertainment facilities.

We, PIXEL COMPANYZ, are expanding in the integrated resort-related businesses by using three segments.

The first segment is "entertainment businesses." We are developing and selling casino gaming machines and helping attract overseas IR operators. The next segment is "system innovation businesses," which is the system development of financial institutions and the supply systems for IR facilities. The last segment is "development businesses." These businesses make renewable energy and use that knowledge for developing real estate for resorts and other purposes.

Currently, local governments and IR operators from around the world are using Japanese characteristics in the forward progression of Japan IR.

By being a part of the consortium that is taking on this enormous "Japan IR" project, we, the PIXEL COMPANYZ Group, aim to connect Japan and the world and strive to be "the heart of Japan IR" so we can share the beauty of Japan with the world.

CEO Yoshida Hiroaki
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The four pillars that support the managerial philosophy of PIXEL COMPANYZ are individuality, unity, big business mentality, and enjoyment.
  • Individuality

    To be an individual is not original, but to have an inexhaustible supply of creativity, energy, and desire to reach new heights combined with perseverance, patience, and the humility to continue to learn is unique.

  • Unity

    While we are strong individually, unity helps us to combine our strengths that will enable us to accomplish greatness that is beyond the combination of our individual powers.

  • Big business mentality

    Our goals are big. They are so big that we will be able to speak proudly about them for generations to come.

  • Enjoyment

    We want everyone to live a life enriched with pride and joy.