BUSINESSSystem Innovation Business

System Innovation Business

Our philosophy is to “solve society’s issues through technology.” We develop system adaptations for new technologies such as blockchain and facial recognition systems, and our strength is the development of technical support services that center around the finance-related field.

System Development Businesses

Based on the system development needs, we provide one-stop support from planning and requirement definition to actual operation and maintenance.

An Example of Achievement

  1. (1) Blockchain Development
    Base Platform: Ethereum, Quorum, NEO, Hyperledger
    Development Results: Game app coin, regional currency, casino cryptocurrency payments
  2. (2) Facial Recognition System Development
    Development Results: Personal Identification for Financial Institutions Facial Recognition System
  3. (3) Crowdfunding System
    Development Results: The Core System for Crowdfunding Platforms

Technology Support Businesses

We provide human resources that are appropriate to the technological requirements of our customers and support IT businesses in a wide range of fields such as application development, infrastructure construction, and operations.