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Entertainment Business

We are looking to expand the casino market in Asia. We develop and sell casino gaming machines that use Japanese content and are working to be a part of Japan's Integrated Resort.

Developing and Selling Casino Gaming Machines

We comply with the casino regulations of each nation's gaming authority and develop and sell casino gaming machines with companies that integrate Japan's unique entertainment-based content.
"PIXEL CASINO PLATFORM" was developed by our company, and it passed the standards of Macau's Gaming Inspection and Coordination Bureau (DICJ), which are said to be the strictest standards in the world.

Solutions for Entering the Casino Industry

By using the "PIXEL CASINO PLATFORM", we were able to shorten the process for entering the casino gaming machine industry and reduce our developmental costs.
Companies who want to enter the casino gaming industry can join with the industry's smallest investments. Since the amount of time needed to enter the industry is reduced, more time can be allocated to improving performance in overseas markets and preparing to enter the industry before competitors.

Integrated Resort-Related Businesses

We conduct business activities in Japan's Integrated Resort by using two different methods. First, we use our connections with overseas Integrated Resort operators and major domestic companies. Second, we use the know-how that companies within our group have acquired through revitalizing businesses in communities and acquiring lands for resort development.